New production hall has been completed in Saint Petersburg

Another great highlight in the history of the company IWG Isolier Wendt, is the new construction of a production hall in St. Petersburg. It was possible to complete the hall within the planned budget and time frame.  Thus, our subsidiary, the company OOO “IWG Isolier Wendt” will be able to produce the products for the high temperature isolation on gas and steam turbines, as well as for the technical sound insulation close to the customer directly in the country as a “local” supplier by using the latest technology. This would enable the company OOO “IWG Isolier Wendt” to respond with maximum flexibility to the inquiries and wishes of the Russian customers as well as the customers in the other CIS countries. Also, for our customer, the company Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (SGTT), it will now be easier to offer and deliver its local products – which it produces in St. Petersburg – in line with the corresponding additional components, such as e.g. the necessary high temperature and / or sound insulation from the local Russian production. By the inauguration of the production site, the company OOO “IWG Isolier Wendt” is moving towards the way as it is stipulated by the Russian government: On the one hand, expensive imports from the West European or other countries with the so-called import alternative measures, such as e.g. the localisation of foreign production facilities in Russia, should be avoided.  On the other hand, some would prefer working with partners who produce their products locally in Russia according to West European quality characteristics. The first customers are already convinced of the progress of the localisation and have now started to place orders with us without violating the applicable legislation.