Karoline Beck elected as Vice President of family entrepreneurs

Lutz Goebel, the new President of family entrepreneurs, had targeted Karoline Beck, the former Federal Chairman of Young Entrepreneurs, when reflecting on the new management team: “A media-competent personality with competence and charisma is what we need in Berlin”. It did not take Karoline Beck long to make up her mind: “We, the family entrepreneurs have to seek contact to politicians and the public if we are to achieve our objectives.” Thus the managing partner of IWG Isolier Wendt has, as a Vice President, again joined the top level of the association after some years during which her company has been able to enter new markets, among others the Russian market.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, Karoline Beck keeps particularly close contacts to the Bundesgeschäftsstelle (Federal Office) in Charlottenstraße 24 in 10117 Berlin.