Isolier Wendt in the International Media

Both the crisis of the Euro and the prominent position of the German economy caused many foreign media to interview German medium-sized companies on national and international economic issues.

Among others, the Japanese television was a guest of IWG Isolier Wendt and wanted to know from its management to what extent the Greek crisis affects German medium-sized businesses. To Japanese journalists it was of great interest to hear that the European economic area is considerably less consistent than externally perceived.

The Russian television showed great interest in medium-sized value-added processes for which Germany stands and which help her in achieving its stability in spite of various crises.

This is a link to the TV-contribution:

On its round trip through Germany, BBC also visited IWG Isolier Wendt and had a long interview with its management about the issue how German enterprises manage to compensate for currency risks and economic distortions as well as national crises through internationalization.