Change of Partner at the Turn of the Year

Change of Partner at the Turn of the Year

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Köchel, who had been Technical Director and co-partner of IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH for many years, has taken over all the shares of IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH and its affiliated companies at the turn of the year. Andreas Köchel has worked for the Wendt group of companies in various leading positions since the nineties and has been significantly involved in the development of the strategic orientation of IWG since 1999 and its project-specific realization. Already in 2002, he held a ten percent interest in the company.  Taking over the remaining shares in the year the Wendt Group has been in business for 140 years is the highlight for Andreas Köchel with regard to his commitment to the activities of the group of companies.

Also under the leadership of the sole partner and General Manager Andreas Köchel, the Isolier Wendt Group will further consolidate and expand its worldwide positions in the areas of environmental engineering and technical sound protection.

In this context, Andreas Köchel commented:

“Energy production is highly inefficient in large parts of the world and does harm to people and the environment. This is why there will also in future be a large potential for the use of highly efficient solutions from the product range of the Isolier Wendt Group for the improvement of the environmental compatibility and the enhancement of energetic efficiency of technical facilities”.