21.04.16 New production hall has been completed in Saint Petersburg

Another great highlight in the history of the company IWG Isolier Wendt, is the new construction of a production hall in St. Petersburg. It was possible to complete the hall within the planned budget and time frame.  Thus, our subsidiary, the company OOO “IWG Isolier Wendt” will be able to produce the products for the high temperature isolation on gas and steam turbines, as well as for the technical sound insulation close to the customer directly in the country as a “loc

18.08.15 Again, IWG has been the sponsor of the AHK summer festival in St. Petersburg.

This year’s summer festival of the AHK branch North-West with about 300 guests visiting took place in St. Petersburg on 24.06.2015. The following persons were among the guests: Mr. Erwin Sellering, the Minister President of the federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Mr. Harry Glawe, Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Till Backhaus, Minister for Agriculture, as well as representatives of large German and Russian companies.

This year, Isolier Wendt has repeatedly suppo

IWG becomes sponsor at the summer festival of the AHK (Chamber of Foreign Trade) in Saint Petersburg

10.06.14 IWG becomes sponsor at the summer festival of the AHK (Chamber of Foreign Trade) in Saint Petersburg

Punctually at the beginning of the White Nights, the – as is generally known – most beautiful and very impressive season in Saint Petersburg, the summer festival of the North-West AHK branch is going to take place on 06/19/2014 in Saint Petersburg. For the first time, Isolier Wendt will this year render a contribution to the success of this festival as a sponsor. The German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade has become an important and indispensable partner for the organization

Delegation Trip to China

15.05.14 Delegation Trip to China

Mr. Köchel, Managing Partner of IWG, took part in the China trip of Sigmar Gabriel, Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of the Economy and Energy, with a BMWi-APA (Federal Ministry of the Economy and Asian-Pacific Committee) business delegation on April 22 and 23, 2014. The discussions of Federal Minister Gabriel and the business delegation with Chairman Lienhard of the Asian-Pacific Committee as the front man with the Chinese government confirmed the Chinese interest in a f

Change of Partner at the Turn of the Year

16.04.14 Change of Partner at the Turn of the Year

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Köchel, who had been Technical Director and co-partner of IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH for many years, has taken over all the shares of IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH and its affiliated companies at the turn of the year. Andreas Köchel has worked for the Wendt group of companies in various leading positions since the nineties and has been significantly involved in the development of the strategic orientation of IWG since 1999 and its project-specific realization. Already

Family as factor of success

20.02.14 Family as factor of success

Since the beginning of this year, IWG Isolier Wendt has been a member of the enterprise network “Success Factor Family”. This is an initiative of the Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth) which will support enterprises with regard to family-conscious management and contribute towards family-friendly policies as the trademark of the German economy. With the mutual exchange of information it

New General Manageress of OOO IWG Isolier Wendt

31.01.14 New General Manageress of OOO IWG Isolier Wendt

Mrs. Olga Kamanina has been appointed as new general manageress of OOO IWG Isolier Wendt in St. Petersburg as from the beginning of this year. Prior to this, Mrs. Kamanina was active in a managerial capacity in machine construction. She is fluent in German, Russian and English and has excellent negotiating skills. We look forward to successful cooperation. The new contact data of OOO IWG Isolier Wendt are: Olga Kamanina, tel: +78126333038, email:

IWG supports competitive athletes

15.01.14 IWG supports competitive athletes

IWG Isolier Wendt proudly accompanies the sports career of Kai Lehman as a competitive swimmer. In this regard, IWG is not primarily concerned with the financial but rather with the ideational support of a young sportsman by an experienced family-owned enterprise which looks back on successful youth work as well. We want to assist an adolescent on whom great demands are made in sports in a supportive and at the same time protective manner since he does not yet have experience

Delegation to Vietnam

20.11.13 Delegation to Vietnam

In October, IWG Isolier Wendt was among the participants of a 14 heads strong economic delegation that accompanied the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Mr. Klaus Wowereit, to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In a press release, Dr Eric Schweitzer, the President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce said:“Together with 14 enterprises, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce will be presenting the business capabilities of the Berlin business world. I am proud of the versatility and experti

Delegation from Myanmar at IWG Isolier Wendt

20.11.13 Delegation from Myanmar at IWG Isolier Wendt

Accompanied by the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, three business representatives of the Myanmar Government visited the Berlin headquarters of IWG at its headquarters in Berlin. In the course of a discussion lasting several hours, the guests from Myanmar sought to familiarize themselves with the typically medium-sized business structure of the German economy. The guests were very interested in the aspects of co-determination, social insurance, the regulation of working times, and

02.10.13 Sponsor Swimming

At this year’s sponsor swimming IWG Isolier Wendt supports the 13-year old competitive swimmer Kai Lehmann.

Branch office in St. Petersburg

26.09.13 Establishment of a Branch Office in St. Petersburg

In the summer of 2013, IWG established a branch office in St. Petersburg.

15.07.13 Participation In The Future Mongolia 2013 was a Complete Success

For the first time, IWG Isolier Wendt participated in the Future Mongolia Industrial Fair in Ulan Bator.

22.06.13 future mongolia

BOOTH E 21 German Presentation

21.05.13 Special lectures regarding the energy efficiency issue

The specialists of IWG are increasingly requested to give lectures at international conferences regarding the energy efficiency issue. The company IWG presented technical solutions to members of parliamentary committees and the board members of groups of companies on the occasion of the first Russian-German energy economics forum on 21-22 May in Berlin, solutions which reduce the operating costs of new energy production plants.  With the extension of the period of operat

25.04.13 Girlsday on April 25, 2013

On April 25, 2013, IWG again participated in the Girlsday. For one day, a student had the opportunity to get acquainted with the profession of technician in heavy-duty fabric goods manufacturing. Under the direction of the head of mat sewing, the student was able to try out all work steps for the production of high-temperature mattresses for gas turbine insulation. The student was so enthusiastic about this activity that the suddenly approaching end of the workday completely

25.04.13 Family Enterpreneur Days

The Family Entrepreneur Days took place in Berlin on April 25 and 26, 2013 with numerous German family entrepreneurs participating. The leading candidates of all political parties presented their concepts for the coming Bundestag elections and were involved in the controversial discussion with the family entrepreneurs present. Quite remarkably, the chancellor clearly voted against the introduction of a wealth tax in her speech. In the context of the family entrepreneur days,

27.03.13 Andreas Köchel appointed to the Committee of the Environment and Energy

Andreas Köchel, Managing Partner, was appointed to the Committee of the Environment and Energy of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He thus is the successor of Karoline Beck who was appointed to the Foreign Trade Committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as Deputy Chairwoman of the Committee. In the context of this function, she will also belong to the Foreign Trade Committee of the Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK / German Chamber of Industry

21.03.13 Students in the Executive Chair

In March 2013, IWG participated, as has already been the case in previous years, in the action “Students in the Executive Chair” of the family entrepreneurs. One female or male student of senior classes will be offered the opportunity for one day to gain insight into the day-to-day routine of an entrepreneur. With this, it shall be conveyed to him/her that it is a professional option to be an entrepreneur. The student should be able to recognize what a professional day and on

01.02.13 IWG Isolier Wendt Main Football Tournament Sponsor

IWG Isolier Wendt is this years’ main sponsor of the mini-kickers’ football tournament of the VfB Berlin Friedrichshain. With their young 4-8 year old kickers, all Berlin football clubs compete with each other. We wish the teams much fun and success.

15.01.13 Family Enterprise IWG Isolier Wendt on RBB (Berlin-Brandenburg Radio)

In its series “Berlin Family-Owned Enterprises” the RBB visited the company IWG Isolier Wendt and gained insight into its operative business and the daily routine of the Berlin family enterprise with its long tradition. The managing partners Karoline Beck and Andreas Köchel had the opportunity to illustrate their corporate philosophy and to highlight the special sustainability of family enterprises and their success in the marketplace.

30.11.12 IWG Attends Expert Talks in India

On 30 November, IWG Isolier Wendt participated in the round table talks in Ahmedabad, India, on the topic of “Smart Grid Cooperation in India, New Perspective for Innovative Solutions”. Our representative for the region of Southeast Asia, Mr. Prabhu Rangasamy, presented the potential for savings in energy production which can be achieved by optimising thermal insulation and explained the potential for improvement of the CO2 balance and energy efficiency. The products and advi

16.11.12 Delegation Trip to Mongolia

The management of IWG Isolier Wendt took part in a market survey trip to Mongolia in October 2012. The trip was organized by East-Asian associations. With its natural resource wealth, Mongolia offers perspectives of great interest to German investors. It has been possible to locally initiate projects in connection with the energetic refurbishment of power plants. IWG was able to introduce itself as a partner of the energy-producing industry and to ministries in connection wit

19.10.12 Business Lunch with the Ambassadress of India

On 19/10/2012, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce invited the manageress of IWG Isolier Wendt together with other representatives of the economy to have a joint lunch with the Indian Ambassadress Her Illustrious Highness Sujatha Singh. The ambassadress generously offered her assistance with regard to special problems and questions of Berlin companies in connection with the intensification of existing business contacts and particular issues.

08.10.12 Appointment of the Management to the Foreign Trade Committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC) has appointed Karoline Beck as a member of the “Foreign Trade Committee”. She was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Committee by the members of the Committee. As the mouthpiece of the economy, the CIC lives on the honorary commitment of its members. CIC committees play an important role in this as they provide advice to the Executive Committee and the Plenum and, in this way, act as a laboratory for the development of topics and

15.08.12 Visit by an Indian Delegation to the Premises of IWG Isolier Wendt

The company IWG Isolier Wendt welcomed a delegation of the industrial business and trade association from Mumbai on 23/04/2012. The delegation which consisted of 30 participants from the metal working, electrical, and automotive industries showed great interest in getting acquainted with a German medium-sized company. In addition, the family-owned entrepreneurship which very strongly shaped Germany had been of great interest to the Indian entrepreneurs. The participants of th

17.04.12 Delegation Trip to India

The management of IWG Isolier Wendt participated in a delegation trip of the Governing Mayor of Berlin to India in March 2012. Together with companies active in the IT, environment engineering, and in the urban development sector, they went to Delhi and Mumbai.


The meetings and discussions in Delhi and Mumbai served the deepening of economic relations between Berlin and Indian partners.


13.04.12 Girls Day

Also this year, IWG Isolier Wendt is going to open its doors on April 26, 2012 for the ‘Girls’ Day Mädchen Zukunftstag’ Initiative.


The Girls’ Day is an important component of vocational and study orientation for securing valuable female competence for the future.


09.04.12 Isolier Wendt in the International Media

Both the crisis of the Euro and the prominent position of the German economy caused many foreign media to interview German medium-sized companies on national and international economic issues.


Among others, the Japanese television was a guest of IWG Isolier Wendt and wanted to know from its management to what extent the Greek crisis affects German medium-sized businesses. To Japanese journalists it was of great interest to hear that the European economic area is consider

30.07.11 New business premises in Moscow

IWG Isolier Wendt has moved into new business premises in Moscow in July 2011. Its prestigious office is located close to the Lenin library as well as the attractive Arbat quarter and is within view of the Kremlin. The new address is:

10 Vozdvizhenka streetVoentorg Building125009 Moscowphone:  +7 495 797 3728fax:   +7 495 797 3600

15.07.11 Karoline Beck elected as Vice President of family entrepreneurs

Lutz Goebel, the new President of family entrepreneurs, had targeted Karoline Beck, the former Federal Chairman of Young Entrepreneurs, when reflecting on the new management team: “A media-competent personality with competence and charisma is what we need in Berlin”. It did not take Karoline Beck long to make up her mind: “We, the family entrepreneurs have to seek contact to politicians and the public if we are to achieve our objectives.” Thus the managing partner of IWG Isol

30.06.11 An agreement for cooperation has been signed

In June 2011, an agreement for future cooperation was signed in Kaliningrad between IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH and UK Quarz Moscow. Following constructive negotiations, Director and Graduate Engineer Andreas Köchel (IWG) and Assistant Director Igor Ratnikov (Quarz) agreed on even closer and more active cooperation with regard to energetic power plant refurbishment and asbestos-free insulation in the former Russian Federation area. The objectives of cooperation focus on the suppor

21.10.10 Branch in Moscow

In order to be better able to support the growing co-operation with our customers in Russia, our Moscow office will benefit from the arrival of Mr. Yakub Aybushev as of 1st October 2010. For many years, Mr. Aybushev worked as an engineer in mechanical engineering before moving to IWG Isolier Wendt. He will immediately be available to act as a competent contact in all technical and sales matters. Mr. Aybushev will also establish an autonomous branch of IWG Isolier Wendt in Mos

26.06.10 Christening of boat

At this year’s short-distance company regatta, the brand new 4x+ gig was christened with the name "Herrmann Wendt" by his great-granddaughter Karoline Beck. Herrmann Wendt was the co-founder of RG Wiking, he held many honorary positions there and he was Treasurer of the Berlin Regattaverein (LRV Berlin) (‘Berlin Regatta Association’) from 1902 to 1935, Treasurer of the DRV (German Regatta Association) from 1906 to 1919, and Chairman of the Youth Committee of the DRV

17.06.10 Karoline Beck has become a member of the Advisory Council on External Economic Policy

The Federal Minister of the Economy, Rainer Brüderle (FDP/Free Democratic Party), has made Karoline Beck, the Managing Director of IWG Isolier Wendt, a member of the Advisory Council on External Economic Policy within his Ministry. There she is one of 28 members who provide the Minister with advice in all matters relating to external economic policy such as foreign trade, direct investment, technology transfer, and industrial co-operation. Twice a year, she will meet the Mini

23.06.09 Mc Kinsey Study confirms the cost-effectiveness of insulation as an active measure of environmental protection

In a very interesting study regarding wrong assumptions about climate protection and considerations of economic efficiency, the authors Oppenheim and Beinhocker dispel various myths. In their report "Climate Change and the Economy – Myths versus Realities", they counter the prevailing assumptions regarding cause and effect. Taking 10 commonly held beliefs, so-called myths, they demonstrate that the main arguments against investment in environmental protection measur

Power Gen Russia 2008 in Moscow

14.01.08 Power Gen Russia 15th - 17th April 2008 in Moscow

Visit our stand E31 at the most important Technical Congress for Energy Generation in the Expo Center in Moscow from 15. - 17. April 2008.

18.06.07 Successful participation of IWG in the Power Gen Russia 2007

After having participated several times in the Power Gen Europe trade fair in Düsseldorf, Milan and Cologne, IWG participated for the first time in the Russian Power Gen in Moscow. The exceptional response of trade experts induced the trade organisers, to book double the amount of exhibition space at the Moscow Expocenter for 2008 still during the convention. IWG will again be represented in April 2008 with an even bigger booth.

Karoline Beck receives “Prix Veuve Cliquot for the Female Entrepreneur of 2007”

18.04.07 Karoline Beck receives “Prix Veuve Cliquot for the Female Entrepreneur of 2007”

This year’s “Prix Veuve Cliquot for the Female Entrepreneur of 2007” goes to Karoline Beck, Managing Partner of IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH, Berlin.


The nine-member jury praised the entrepreneurial spirit with which Mrs Beck had led her company out of crisis in an “in an almost textbook manner”. Despite a strong head wind and extremely difficult economic conditions, Mrs Beck was soon experiencing outstanding success as a result of her tenacity and intelligent strategies. Her co

28.06.05 Power Gen Europe 28 - 30 June 2005 in Milan

Visit our stand 15/F25 at the most important Technical Congress for Energy Generation.

28.09.04 Isolier-Wendt Trophy

Ladies golf tournament, Groß Kienitz

25.05.04 Power Gen Europe 25-27.5.2004 in Barcelona

Take the opportunity to enter into discussions with us on the occasion of visiting the Power Gen Conference. We will be pleased to inform you about new developments in the area of technical insulation, high temperature and turbine insulation.

10.09.03 Application for a Patent

Under 103/1268.3-24, IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH has applied for a patent ?Direction for the thermal and/or acoustic insulation of a plant, plant with such an insulation direction and method for the insulation of a plant?.

06.05.03 Power Gen Europe 6-8 May 2003 in Düsseldorf

Visit Isolier Wendt at the most important energy generation fair.

12.07.01 Founders - Partner for Berlin

Within the framework of the initiative Founders - Partners for Berlin, Isolier Wendt was admitted to the circle of Founders ? Partner for Berlin. Press Conference 25.7.01, 9:30 a.m.

02.07.01 Participation in Cronemeyer Isoliertechik Dortmund

As the foundation stone of a partnership cooperation between the traditional companies Wendt and Cronemeyer, Isolier Wendt acquired 50% of Cronemeyer Isoliertechnik Dortmund.

18.09.00 E-Quality Research and Management in Medium-Sized Companies

The EAF European Academy for Women in Politics and Economics introduces the management of Isolier Wendt as an example for e-quality from the practice.

08.09.00 Best Practice

In the summer of 2000, the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Young People included Isolier Wendt as an exemplary example of equal occupational opportunities in a publication.

01.01.00 Management-Buy-Out at the Turn of the Millennium

Karoline Beck, General Manager, has taken over Isolier Wendt at the beginning of the year 2000. In its 125th year, the Berlin company is thus, in the 5th generation, back in family hands.