Hermann Wendt founded a plastic parts wholesale firm in Berlin in 1874. After World War II, the company rapidly grew into an important medium-sized enterprise for heat, refrigeration, sound and fire protection insulation.


By the mid-eighties, Wendt was represented throughout Germany. At the end of the nineties, the group of companies was integrated into the KMH-Group. While the fourth generation of the family largely withdrew from management and the group, Isolier Wendt could fall back on its strategic alliances and management capacities from the associated group environment. Because of the management-buy-out, the fifth generation of the Wendt family has now again resumed management in Berlin at the turn of the millennium.


At Isolier Wendt, traditional craftsmanship and quality management are associated with the professionalism of an industrially managed service-oriented project handling company. Developments in the areas of turbine insulation and sound insulation technology made Wendt the leader in the technology also on an international scale.