Sound Technology

Structural Sound Protection
Isolier Wendt operates successfully in the area of sound and environmental protection. The sound protection department also works together with highly recognized specialists, acoustics experts, and sound protection engineers in order to be able to offer the best possible solutions. Standardized sound protection hoods and casings form part of the range of products as do special constructions. Apart from their structural sound protection function, sound protection measures such as this sound protection hood on an excavator actively render a contribution to environmental protection.

Consulting on Sound Protection
Sound protection hoods and mattress insulation are constantly subject to improvement by the sound protection department. Our aims with regard to product development are primarily to save materials and thus production costs as well as to improve the removability and reassembly of structural sound protection measures with at least the same insulation properties.

Consequently, we attach much importance to the provision of consulting services concerning sound technology before we undertake any work. By including the sound technology requirements in project planning well in advance, the best possible results for both persons and the environment as well as from the point of view of costs can be achieved. If building measures have already been completed, we will provide competent and independent consulting services about what improvements would be sensible and feasible.