Insulation Technology

Insulation of Technical Facilities
To protect persons and the environment against high temperatures and sound emissions, IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH offers optimal insulation protection.

Air-conditioning and cooling technology as well as sanitary and heating installations go hand in hand with insulation technology. Insulation and insulation technology is a self-contained specialized trade which is closely related to the engineering disciplines of energy and environmental technology. 

Partners to Industry
With products which are developed throughout the world, Isolier Wendt delivers and installs insulation for all current turbines. Because of its own technical developments, Isolier Wendt sets the trend in partnership with energy producers.

Isolier Wendt has been and is involved in all projects in the Federal Republic of Germany which require sophisticated and large-volume insulation work.

It is not far from air conditioning plant through air conditioning cells to the whole supermarket. For decades, we have worked very closely with the chemical and food industry. We have exceptional experience in the area of power plant refurbishment and plant construction.